COVID-19 Update: Please allow some extra time as both supplies and shipping have been affected due to COVID-19.
COVID-19 Update: Please allow some extra time as both supplies and shipping have been affected due to COVID-19.
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Create your own cast of magnetic characters.

Add a little character to your cruise door, home decor, or locker with customizable magnets designed by you, handmade by me.

Design Your DejaDoodle

DejaDoodle [dey-zhah doo-dle]: a customizable magnet; a travel keepsake; a collectible; a work of art

Magic in every magnet.

What makes DejaDoodles so magnetic?

(literally and figuratively)

Painting a purple hairstyle.


From each rosy cheek to the tip of their pointed-toe shoes, every detail is painted and assembled by hand using the finest papercraft tools and materials.

Various DejaDoodle Silhouettes.


Made to order, to help you stand apart from the crowd. Select your silhouette, hairstyle, and outfit to bring your one-of-a-kind whimsical character to life.

Several pink Sail Away dresses.


Say “bon voyage” to flimsy cruise door decor you throw away on debarkation day. DejaDoodles are made with premium papercraft materials and the world’s strongest rare-earth magnets*.

Assortment of DejaDoodles.


Add some interactive whimsy to your walls. Display your family of magnets in a shadow box frame or add them to your “family command center.”

Design your DejaDoodle

While you count down the days till your next getaway, create a DejaDoodle that’s packed with your personal style.

Step 1

Select Your Silhouette & Hairstyle

Design a DejaDoodle as unique as you are. Choose from multiple silhouettes, skin tones, and 8 hairstyles.

Step 2

Dress Your DejaDoodle

Explore our collection of hand-painted outfits.

Step 3

Got Freckles?

Yes or no … let us know!

Coming Soon

Add to Collection

More outfits, hairstyles, and accessories coming soon.

DejaDoodles use rare-earth magnets. For this reason, they’re meant for the young at heart, but they’re not intended for children. These are extremely delicate collectibles, keepsakes, and artwork that are for display only and must be handled carefully.

Let's Get Started

Bring your magnetic personality to life.

Create Your Own
Wish You Were Here postcard.

My story.

Once upon a time, in the middle of the ocean, on a ship called the Disney Wonder …

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