COVID-19 Update: Please allow some extra time as both supplies and shipping have been affected due to COVID-19.
COVID-19 Update: Please allow some extra time as both supplies and shipping have been affected due to COVID-19.
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Hi, I’m Jen Street, creator of DejaDoodle.

The stateroom door decoration that I created during the cruise that sparked the idea of DejaDoodle.

It all started in the middle of the ocean, on a ship called the Disney Wonder.

My husband, Chris, and I have been on many (many) Disney cruises, but until recently, we’d never participated in decorating our door. Last year, for our annual Christmas Time cruise, I FINALLY decided to do it. As a lifelong artist, I couldn’t resist going all out.

I designed a giant Stitch magnet (from the movie Lilo & Stitch, of course!) because he’s our favorite Disney character.

It was just supposed to be a fun art project, but my magnetic Stitch creation ended up being the talk of the ship — or at least our deck. It wasn't uncommon to open our stateroom door to find fellow cruisers taking selfies with our door.

Our stateroom host even told us he never had seen anything like it before (and he has seen A LOT of door decorations).

He said something that stood out to me. He said it was truly a piece of art versus "just a door magnet."

This got me thinking about how I could use my background in traditional art to bring a one-of-a-kind product to other cruisers and Disney fanatics.

As I walked around the ship, I started paying close attention to all the decorated doors. What stood out to me was that they all looked the same. Same cheap materials. Same designs.

This got me thinking — could I create something different? Something BETTER? Yes. Yes I could.

Thus the idea for DejaDoodle was born.

These hand-painted customizable magnets are designed to help make you and your family the main character/princess/hero of your own adventure.

My initial product line consists of two body styles, various skin tones, hairstyles, and outfits to choose from. I can’t WAIT to expand the DejaDoodle collection to include more hairstyles and outfits, costumes, pets, hobbies, professions, locations, and more.

And I can’t wait to see the cast of characters you create.

A few things about me

  1. In addition to being a traditional fine artist, I’ve been a graphic designer for more than a decade. I’ve had the honor of working on the world’s largest brands, including Mattel, Hasbro and Nestlé. You can learn more about that side of my business here.

  2. We are always counting down the days till our next Disney Cruise.
  3. After college, Chris and I moved to Florida to become Disney animators. Unfortunately, Disney shut down their animation department later that year!
  4. While I was growing up, my parents had booths at art festivals and we spent many weekends traveling with them across Michigan, Indiana, and Ohio. My mother is a very talented artist and my father is great at woodworking. Together, they made a great team where they created knick-knacks, shelves, and furniture that they sold and made a name for themselves among the arts and crafts circuit.
  5. When I was 8, I wanted a Nintendo really, really bad. My parents, both artists, told me I had to earn it, so they gave me a job painting tulips. I sold enough to buy my Nintendo.
  6. I’m obsessed with Tesla, Colin Firth, and of course, all-things Disney.
  7. We go all out for Halloween. Like, ALL OUT.
  8. Some people think I’m too obsessed with Disney. Those are not my people.
  9. The name DejaDoodle was inspired by my love of the word “doodle” and the idea that "Deja" essentially means "already," "been here before," "previously," and "memory." Kind of perfect for a product that serves as a keepsake, dontcha think?
  10. I’m already dreaming up new additions to the collection.